“World’s Best” Awards 2010

Travel + Leisure’s just released the “World’s Best” awards. This year had a record number of votes by viewers for 2010 travel. This allows people to tell them what they want wherever they are.

This is a study where the magazine turns to their viewers and asks them about their experiences and their travel and which destinations or companies are the best. Viewers rank the top destinations both internationally and nationally, as well as the best riverboat cruise companies, and the best airlines.

Best International Cities
1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand
4. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
5. Rome, Italy

Best U.S. Cities
1. New York, NY
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Charleston, SC
4. Chicago, IL
5. Santa Fe, NM

Festival of the wine: the wineries are opening on Sunday of the 30 May

Convivial opportunity for wine lovers, where the wine is the spotlight with its people and its land.
Our Bed & Breakfast is on the trail of wines Chianti Rufina and Pomino, many farms are participating in the initiative offer programs in addition to tasting side.

Our area is a region especially to produce wine; the wines of the area have ancient histories, but have kept pace with the times, and succeed admirably in the task of reflecting the territories where they are produced. The production of the wine is overseen by the Consorzio del Chianti Rufina, which includes 90% of the producers. Though the summer days do get hot, the nights are always cool, a characteristics that keeps the grapes acidity from dropping off and favors the development of aromatic compounds.

Easter is near and on the Italian tables do not miss a cake called Colomba.

Easter is near and on the Italian tables do not mis a cake called Colomba.

The Colomba is a soft cake with piece of candied fruits and coating of icing and almonds, shaped like a dove. Very important in processing is proper leavening.


  • 500 g flour
  • 150 g sugar
  • 4 eggs + 2 yolks
  • 150 g butter
  • 25 g yeast
  • 100 g almonds
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 100 g candied orange in pieces
  • 50 g sugar in pieces
  • Salt

Blanch the almonds in boiling water and peel them.

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm milk add half the flour and make you a loaf from the dough to rise covered with a table napkin.

When it will be increased twice, add the 1 egg yolk, remaining flour, sugar, butter, a pinch of salt, the orange pieces and milk.

Leave to rise on a greased plate, giving the shape of dove.

Brush the surface with the yolk and sprinkle with remaining almonds and
sugar in pieces. When the mixture is increased by double, bake the Colomba  about 10 minutes in preheated oven at 200’ ,lower the temperature at 180’cooked for 30 minutes, covering with a sheet of baking paper. Cooled before tasting.

Happy Easter!

TUSCANY by VESPA – the original 1 day tour

The perfect day for an escape from the center of Florence:

Drive along scenic and silent country roads through  the hillside of Tuscany on a Vespa scooter admiring the sights, smells and sounds of the Chianti region!

We will pick you up with one of our confortable, air-conditioned mini-vans protected with car and we take you to the countryside, away from the busy and husseling city.  First you will receive an orientation conducted by an English speaking trained professional ensuring the safe operation of the Vespa before we head out for our engaging and enjoyable ride. We will drive along quiet and scenic country roads offering splendid views of the rolling hillside and visiting different small medieval villages in the heart of Tuscany and enjoying the most fabulous of the landscapes. Next, we will stop for lunch at a tipical Tuscan castle* to join a little tasting of some of the most famous Chianti wines, locally produced.


Women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex than non-drinkers.

Women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex than non-drinkers …
Tuscany is the region of Chianti Classico is a must.
We waiting for you!

… Researchers from the University of Florence, Italy, surveyed 800 women between the ages of 18 and 50 on their sexual satisfaction, using the Female behavioral questionnaire (19 questions on 6 aspects of sexual life (Female Sexual Function Index, FSFI) by doctors at the hospital Santa Maria Annunziata, Bagno a Ripoli (FI) captained by Nicola Mondaini a surprising result: the daily, moderate consumption (1-2 drinks per day) of red wine leads to beneficial effects on sexual desire, lubrication and sexual function in general. …

Read more:

Women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex than non-drinkers


The spring is beginning, the season than expected, warms us after the long winter and propels us toward the summer and the holidays.

In the spring flourishes the life, everything is awakening from hibernation, even our desire to go out and the outdoors. This is the season’s expectations, it is symbolizes the beginning or returning at a new life, the climate is milder, warmer, the snow melts, blooming flowers, animals, – including the man – to regain momentum and the environment becomes more joyful.

The Tuscan countryside through its green landscape of olive trees, rows of vineyards, rows of cypress trees make the stay in Florence a unique and full of emotions. Right opportunity to fully enjoy all this:

A day in full “Chianti”, the wine area of Tuscany just a few kilometers away from Florence.

Enjoy a full day relaxing riding pedaling along narrow shaded roads hemmed in by old stone walls.

Ride past olive groves, vineyards, medieval castles, and hillside villa estates to reach some breathtaking panoramic views of Florence and its surroundings.
Several stops on the way to enjoy the landscape, relax and visit small medieval villages. We visit a winery, see the vineyard, visit the cellars and taste and learn about Chianti and extra virgin olive oil.

Then it’s on to lunch with wine tasting!

Carbo load on bruschetta, pasta and wine, and get ready for the ride back down to the departure point. Whether traveling alone or with friends, this is a fun and informative outdoor experience,

a chance to discover the stunning Tuscan country side in a different and fun way,

meet new friends, drink wine and make astounding pictures!


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